A balanced ethos in sustainable and social development is a key component in our holistic approach to low energy building designs. We play a leading role through all stages of the project from feasibility to post handover analysis and our delivery model involves all parts of the organisation working closely together to shape development frameworks and influence building plans.

We use passive building architecture, innovative system designs and renewable energy technologies. We cooperate to deliver buildings that are fit for purpose, economic to run and designed to exceed the expectations of the client.  Our designs enable the client to operate the building effectively, and enjoy the certainty that the technology selected for their servicing solution is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.

As accredited low carbon designers we have developed our own in-house thermal modelling and simulation resource and continue to develop this through staff training and CPD. Low carbon technology is a vital part of modern design, but it is the act of making sure that real people can accept, understand and operate those technologies economically, that transforms good design into sustainable development. Working with the client and design team our specialists help to formulate passive ventilation strategies and conduct solar studies to create low energy buildings with fewer and smaller Building Services systems.



Integrated Sustainable Design Consultants

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